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Tip 20

Lots of people bring me their computers and ask if it can be upgraded. In most cases, sure, it can. But, in lots of cases, is it worth it?

Upgrading an operating system is rarely worth the effort. Computer manufacturers design the computer to run with the operating system they have available at the time. When a new operating system is introduced, it usually has minimum specifications that are at, or near, the best you could buy with the older operating system. So, now you have a new operating system on a computer with the absolute minimum requirements to run it. My guess is you're going to complain about it being slow.

So, now you have to upgrade the motherboard, CPU or RAM. The easiest and cheapest upgrade on a computer is to add more RAM. That's if your motherboard can handle more. If it can't you're now looking at a new motherboard, and most often a new CPU. Then you have to get them all installed, which is another expense.

With the price of new computers coming down all the time, if you're looking for an upgrade, you're now usually better off to upgrade the whole thing. The cost won't be that much different.

The added cost of buying a new machine, though is that you will have to re-install your programs, and transfer the data from your old machine to your new one. Of course, if you need help with that, you can always give me a call.

Thanks for reading!

Until next week, I'm Computer Dave

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