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Tip 17

I've rambled on a few times now about phone scammers who call you and try to get you to allow them access to your computer. The software they use is usually legitimate software that's normally used by techs to remotely repair computers. So, although there're people out there who want to use this software in criminal ways, know that this software has very legal and very handy purposes too.

Software companies, say like Norton Antivirus, use software like LogMeIn or Teamviewer to remotely log into customers machines to help them out. This is because they don't have offices in every town in the world, but their customer base is worldwide so they need a solution to help clients from where they are. The cost of sending a tech to your location probably isn't worth the $59.99 you paid for their software.

I use software called Teamviewer. Using it, I can often help people out without anyone having to leave where they are, so it ends up being cheaper more convenient for everyone!

Always watch when a tech is logged into your machine. Even when dealing with legitimate companies, there is the potential for misuse.

I also always tell people that I will never, ever log in unless you call me. If you ever see your computer doing things on it's own, call myself or another tech immediately.

Thanks for reading!

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